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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Unlock Your Potential with Essentials PRO
Build Guitar Skills in less than two months
Keep your audience's attention
Stop being written off for your so-so guitar playing
Create a lifelong habit  

Play guitar as a pro without spending thousands on lessons or university
Modernize Your Guitar & Songwriting Skills
Learn how to use your mediocre skills and turn them into skills of a songwriting guitarist

Ditch Clunky Chords
Understand easy ways to 
make your same old same old chords 
sound like you've been playing for years! 
Learn A Proven Process
Expand your ability to play 
and write in MULTIPLE genres! 
Get Results
Don't waste time in your same routine, 
become a better guitarist with a unique voice
in less than two months!

Does this sound like you?

Are you avoiding playing live or for cowriters? Are you scared that your playing will show your inexperience? 
Tired of trying to piece together a system from YouTube videos and instructors in backdoor music stores? 
Not writing the songs you want?  Worried your songs might not be consistent or current? 

You're not alone! So many songwriters struggle with this and so did I! What you need is a framework from beginning to end that no matter where you are in the process you can reference and depend on.  

Element One: Voicings 

Before you think about melodies and lyrics to your songs, you need to think about voicings! 

We'll discover how breaking out of the same old chord shapes to transform the way you write. Helping make your songs more commercially appealing and open up new melodic possibilities.

Element Two: Strumming

Whatever decade and genre you listened to the most growing up, thats your default pattern! 

Time to built consistent rhythm and rid yourself of the same old strumming patterns.
Find patterns that fit your songs, and 
confidently play along with other musicians and songs.

Element Three: Techniques

One key to success for any songwriting guitarist is seeing the details. Most songwriters skip over this part but it's crucial if you want to..

Add depth to your progressions, create variation in sessions without over crowding it with chords.
Add the 'special sauce' that defines each genre.

Songwriting Theory 

Theory can give anyone a headache, so let's focus on what's important for your songs..

Ability to analyze and understand keys of charting songs
Communicate more effectively with musicians.

How to Apply Active Listening

The goal in this exercise isn’t perfection, it's to show you the mindset I’m in while listening to songs. How much to listen, how many times it takes to listen to "get it" (it varies!), where in the song should you listen, what to concentrate on first.

You'll learn on how to use songs and absorb their melodies, ideas, hooks, and more!  Understanding their key, general techniques and styles used in each song.

Guitar Hooks 101

A hook is very intentional, it's specific, it's well thought-out and we need to talk about them! They are integral to a memorable song.

Learn how to use reference songs
to develop a melody in your head, sing it, and then find it on the guitar.
 Picking sounds to help dictate the style and feel

Putting It All Together

One key to success for any songwriting guitarist is seeing theory into practice. I'll walk you through songs I've written/recorded with my system. Songs geared for. . .

Folk Pop/Singer Songwriter
Country Pop
Indie Rock
Power Pop/Punk
Modern Pop

Time Efficient Practice Techniques 

The most time efficient practice technique is thinking in small increments of time and focusing on particular skills. 

This is the key to this course- Implementation and creating habits.

Technology Tools For Songwriting

Learn about some of the best tools that you can have immediate access to right on your phone. 

Mike walks you through some of go-to apps for songwriting!

Intro To Session Guitar Work

This moves beyond just the "technical" but how to have a business and strategic mindset.

Learn what you need to do to start making money from you guitar.

Top 5 Guitar Tones Recording Template 

Have direct access to Mike's top 5 guitar tones. 

Not only will you get to know your DAW better, but you'll be able to plug these settings in, in any template you use!

Creating Song-Starters

Is there a secret to a great write?

Something to move it in the right direction? 

Song-Starters are a great way to capture a vibe and feel. In this workshop Mike shares how to create them in a few genres. You don't need to a recording degree or need expensive gear to start doing this now!

The Art of Co-Writing

Whether you're new to the idea of co-writing or you've been doing it for years, this is will be something needed to jump start your creativity and create long-term writing partnerships.

Mike talks with Multi-Platinum, Grammy Nominated, Billboard Hit Songwriter and Producer, Bonnie Baker 

How To Collaborate With A Producer

Ok, you’ve got great songs but your production skills need help. How do you find and start collaborating with a producer? 
Mike will go through the do’s and don’ts from collaboration, file sharing, and music ownership with songwriter, drummer and founder of LA based 3 Theory Music, Josh Doyle

Pitching To Publisher

How do you get a song in a publishers hands and start to establish a relationship with them?

Mike talks with legendary music publisher, songwriting mentor, author and speaker Judy Stakee. Judy shares her vast years of experience on what it takes to pitch your song to a publisher and  pitching etiquette! 

LIVE Bi-Monthly Group Coaching Calls

Growth comes not only from building skills by yourself but through connection and community. 

That's why we host bi-monthly group calls, answering your questions!

You'll also get to be part of community and meet songwriters, artists and producers looking advance their playing and songwriting from across the globe.


Everyone has a different style for writing so naturally co-writing might be intimidating. But once you find the right co-writer, it can be as easy as what you'll see here.

In the mini-course, Mike virtually sits down with Nashville based singer-songwriter and 2018 American Idol contestant, Madeline Finn... and we co-write a great song over Zoom!

You’ll get a behind the scenes look at how the entire creative process comes together remotely from start to finish!


Build your arrangement skills and stop relying on other that "kind-of-know" what your direction is. 
Start arranging ear candy hooks and dialing in better guitar tones to lift and enhance your songs. 


FEEDBACK is a key to fast tracking your craft! That's why Chris Selim (MixDown Online) and Mike Meiers (Songwriting For Guitar) will be doing a live listening session exclusively for you! 

Finally get specific feedback on what's working and where you can grow. Production, arrangement, and mix. Stop wondering and get actionable advice you can use to improve! 


4 Monthly Payments (LIFETIME ACCESS)
  • Guitar Essentials Master Class 
  • Practice Calendar & Workbook 
  •  Capo Chart Cheat Sheet 
  • Guitar Hooks 101 Masterclass 
  • PLUS Essential Bonuses 
  • The Songwriter Pro Package
  • Access To Private Guitar Essential Facebook Group
  • Guitar Essentials Master Class 
  • Practice Calendar & Workbook 
  •  Capo Chart Cheat Sheet 
  • Guitar Hooks 101 Masterclass 
  • PLUS Essential Bonuses 
  • The Songwriter Pro Package
  • Access To Private Guitar Essential Facebook Group

Join Mike and Lainey for 6 week of live group coaching. It'll be so @(*&#$% awesome!!!

You thought these three days were good? We're giving even MORE in the next six weeks! 

There's nothing like a live experience! You already know playing music is all about the immersive experience and at SFG we believe it's the same with learning.  

Do you know only 5-15% of people will finish a course they bought?If you aren't in that stat, it’s not a bad thing, it’s just that you need a different kind of support. 

I’m going to make sure you get what you bought! It sounds simple, but wouldn’t that be great to follow though with your goal and have some support along the way?

 Those beautiful A-HA moments are waiting!

Keeping each other accountable and motivated is key to this experience.

This will be the class you need to become that unstoppable songwriting force. 


This two week live bonus course will walk you through how
to produce a solid guitar/vocal work tape with ease in any DAW!

"Up pops Mike and his big energy. . .and I signed up immediately" 

Learn how comedian/songwriter Maggie Mayfield jumped in and recorded an album right after!

"One of the voicings he taught me actually led to my first major label cowrite."

Watch the video to hear the impact Guitar Essentials can have on your songwriting goals.

"It's getting to the point that I way more comfortable!"

Learn how Neil upped his guitar playing and released a new single without hesitation!

About Your Instructor...

Mike Meiers is an Emmy Award Winning composer, songwriter, producer, and sought-after guitar coach based in Nashville, TN. Mike music has been heard on major networks such as MTV, VH1, FOX, TNT, NBC, NPR, Showtime and Target. This has captured the attention of many rising star indie artists, music libraries and industry influencers.

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